How tall is Suzanne Somers?
Suzanne Somers's Height is 5ft 5in (165 cm)

[Image of Suzanne Somers]


Celebirty name: SOMERS, Suzanne (Original: Suzanne Marie Mahoney)
Birth: 1946-10-16 (United States) , Died: 2023-10-15 (aged 76)
Occupation: actress


Suzanne Marie Somers (October 16, 1946 – October 15, 2023) was an American actress, author, and businesswoman in the health and wellness industry. She played the television roles of Chrissy Snow on Three's Company (1977–1981) and Carol Foster Lambert on Step by Step (1991–1998). Somers wrote more than 25 books, including two autobiographies, four diet books, and a book of poetry. She was also well known for advertising the ThighMaster, an exercise device. While 14 of her books were best sellers and most were focused on health and well-being, doctors criticized her promotion of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and alternative cancer treatments. Somers married Bruce Somers in 1965, and they had a son, Bruce Jr., in November 1965. After divorcing in 1968, Somers worked as a prize model on The Anniversary Game, a game show hosted by Alan Hamel. Although he was already married, they began dating; she had an affair with him that led to an abortion. They married in 1977. Somers had three granddaughters, including Camelia Somers. In 1971, her six-year-old son was struck by a car. The resulting trauma led her to seek therapy for both herself and her son. Somers and Hamel bought a house in Palm Springs, California, in 1977, and they sold it in 2021 for $8.5 million. In January 2007, a wildfire in Southern California destroyed Somers' home in Malibu, California. Somers had hyperplasia in her 20s and skin cancer in her 30s. In April 2000, Somers was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a lumpectomy to remove the cancer, followed by radiation therapy. In 2018, it was reported that she underwent an experimental stem-cell therapy to regrow the breast she lost to cancer. In 2020, Somers fractured her hip when she jumped out of a private tram to her house. Somers died at her home in Palm Springs, California, on October 15, 2023, one day before her 77th birthday. Her breast cancer had returned earlier in the year. Her funeral was held three days later, with her interment at Desert Memorial Park.

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