How tall is Jennifer O'Neill?
Jennifer O'Neill's Height is 5ft 8in (172 cm)

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Celebirty name: O'NEILL, Jennifer (Original: Jennifer O'Neill)
Birth: 1948-02-20 (Brazil) (age 76)
Occupation: actress


Jennifer O'Neill (born February 20, 1948) is a Brazilian-born American author, model and former actress. Born in Brazil, and moving to the United States as an infant, she first came to prominence as a teenage model, as well as for her spokesperson work for CoverGirl cosmetics, which began in 1963 and spanned three decades. She made her feature film debut in the comedy film For Love of Ivy (1968), followed by a lead role in Howard Hawks's Western film Rio Lobo (1970). O'Neill's breakthrough role came in Robert Mulligan's period drama Summer of '42 (1971), in which she portrayed the wife of an army serviceman during World War II, who becomes the subject of a teenage boy's romantic attraction. The same year, she starred in Otto Preminger's Such Good Friends. In the mid-1970s, O'Neill appeared in several Italian films, including Luchino Visconti's final feature, The Innocent (1976), and Lucio Fulci's giallo horror film The Psychic (1977). She later starred in David Cronenberg's cult horror film Scanners (1981), and in the short-lived television series Cover Up (1984–1985). In 1988, O'Neill became a born-again Christian and, inspired by her feelings of regret over having an abortion at age 22, became active in the anti-abortion movement. She has since authored several books, including a memoir, Surviving Myself (1999), in which she detailed her career, marriages, experiences with anxiety and postpartum depression, and her religious faith. O'Neill founded the Hope & Healing at Hillenglade foundation in Nashville, Tennessee, an equine therapy foundation that specializes in treating war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
Since the 1990s, O'Neill has occasionally appeared in film and television, including roles in the independent film Doonby (2013) and the Rachel Scott biopic I'm Not Ashamed (2016). O'Neill has been married nine times to eight husbands (remarrying her sixth husband), and had three children, one each with three of her husbands. After the birth of her first child, Aimee, O'Neill experienced undiagnosed postpartum depression and committed herself to a psychiatric hospital for treatment, which included electroshock therapy. She was briefly married to Emmy-award-winning television producer and choreographer Nick De Noia from 1975 to 1976. De Noia, who also served as O'Neill's manager at the time of their marriage, was a closeted homosexual. In 1987, de Noia was murdered by one of his former associates. O'Neill told journalists that she was "very upset" by the news of his death. O'Neill's fifth husband, John Lederer, sexually abused her first daughter, Aimee. O'Neill initially disbelieved the accusation after Lederer passed several lie detector tests, and the abuse allegation strained her relationship with her daughter. Reflecting on the abuse in 2019, O'Neill said: "My daughter and I are very close today, but we were in court for a year and I didn’t know who to believe. He passed lie detector tests, so it tore my relationship with her apart. He remarried and did the same thing to his next teenage stepchild. He was just a masterful liar. When I understood how much she needed me to recognize that she was telling the truth, and she recognized that I didn’t have a clue. She was integral in helping bring him to justice. She was so brave, she put a wire on and got him to admit what he’d done." On October 23, 1982, O'Neill suffered a gunshot wound in her home on McClain Street in Bedford, New York. Police officers who interviewed O'Neill determined that she had accidentally shot herself in the abdomen with a .38 caliber revolver at her 30-acre, 25-room French-style estate while trying to determine if the weapon was loaded. Her husband at the time, John Lederer, was not in the house when the handgun was discharged, but two other people were in the house. Detective Sgt. Thomas Rothwell was quoted as having said that O'Neill "didn't know much about guns." Reflecting on the incident, O'Neill said: It was an accident... I hate guns. I believe we all have the right to bear them, but they scare me. I went up to our bedroom and my son was having dinner with the nanny. I noticed that the safe kept in the closet was wide open. When I looked closer, there was my husband’s gun lying in a bowl of bullets. I was so furious because my son could have easily reached it. I picked up what turned out to be a 38-caliber and it went off. It shot through my hip and stomach... But again, God saved my life. I could have been completely paralyzed. In 1988, O'Neill became a born-again Christian. Commenting on her faith, she said: "I don't want to preach to anybody; I only want to say what happened to me.' In her 1999 autobiography Surviving Myself, O'Neill describes many of her life experiences, including her marriages, career, and her move to her Tennessee farm in the late 1990s. She has said that she wrote the autobiography (her first book) "... at the prompting of her children." O'Neill has dual citizenship, being a Brazilian and U.S. citizen.

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