How tall is Brendan Fraser?
Brendan Fraser's Height is 6ft 2in (189 cm)

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Celebirty name: FRASER, Brendan (Original: Brendan James Fraser)
Birth: 1968-12-03 (United States) (age 55)
Occupation: actor


Brendan James Fraser (born December 3, 1968) is an American-Canadian actor known for his leading roles in blockbusters, comedies, and dramatic films. Having graduated from the Cornish College of the Arts in 1990, he made his film debut in Dogfight (1991). Fraser had his breakthrough in 1992 with the comedy Encino Man and the drama School Ties. He gained further prominence for his starring role in George of the Jungle (1997) and emerged a star playing Rick O'Connell in The Mummy trilogy (1999–2008). He took on dramatic roles in Gods and Monsters (1998), The Quiet American (2002), and Crash (2004), and further fantasy roles in Bedazzled (2000) and Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008). Fraser's film work slowed from the late 2000s to mid 2010s amid various health problems, personal losses, and fallout from a sexual assault allegedly committed against him by Philip Berk, the then-president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. He branched into television with roles in the History miniseries Texas Rising (2015), the Showtime drama The Affair (2016–2017), the FX series Trust (2018), and the HBO Max-DC Universe series Doom Patrol (2019–present). Fraser's film career was revitalized by appearances in major films such as No Sudden Move (2021) and The Whale (2022). His starring role as an overweight man in the latter earned him his first Golden Globe Award nomination. Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, Fraser met actress Afton Smith while attending a barbecue at Winona Ryder's house on July 4, 1993. They married on September 27, 1998, and had three sons: Griffin Arthur Fraser (born 2002), Holden Fletcher Fraser (born 2004), and Leland Francis Fraser (born 2006). In a 2018 interview with GQ, Fraser revealed that his oldest son, Griffin, was on the autism spectrum. After their home in Beverly Hills, California sold in April 2007 for $3 million, Fraser's publicist announced in December 2007 that the couple had decided to divorce. Fraser was ordered to pay a monthly alimony sum of $50,000 for a period of 10 years or until remarriage of Smith, whichever occurred first, in addition to the $25,000 monthly payment for child support. In early 2011, Fraser petitioned the courts for a reduction of his alimony payments, asserting that he was unable to meet the annual obligation of $600,000; he did not contest the child support payments. In late 2011, Smith accused Fraser of fraud by hiding financial assets and not disclosing film contracts for Extraordinary Measures and Furry Vengeance. In 2014, the court ruled against Fraser's request for a reduction in alimony and against Smith's allegation of fraud. Both parents were credited for being actively engaged in the lives of their sons. As of February 2018, Fraser lives in Bedford, New York. Fraser speaks French and serves on the board of directors for FilmAid International. He is an accomplished amateur photographer and has used several instant cameras in movies and on TV shows, most notably on his guest roles on Scrubs. In his first appearance, he used a Polaroid pack film, and on his second appearance, he used a Holga with a Polaroid back, a Japanese-only model. The book Collector's Guide to Instant Cameras has a dedication to Fraser. He is also an accomplished amateur archer. The physical demands of the stunts and maneuvers Fraser performed in his action and comedy roles eventually required him to undergo several surgeries over a period of seven years, including a partial knee replacement, a laminectomy, and vocal cord surgery. In 2018, Fraser said that he had been sexually assaulted by Philip Berk, the then-president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the nonprofit organization that votes for the Golden Globe Awards, at a luncheon in 2003. The alleged assault, his subsequent divorce, and the death of his mother launched Fraser into a depression that, combined with his health problems, led to a pause in his career. Several publications and social media users interpreted that Fraser was "blacklisted" from Hollywood because of his allegation against Berk, allegations which Berk denies. In the 2018 GQ piece where Fraser first publicly made the allegation, he said "The phone does stop ringing in your career, and you start asking yourself why. There's many reasons, but was one of them? I think it was." In contrast, Fraser also clarified in his 2019 appearance on the radio show Sway in the Morning, "I don't think the HFPA really wield that much power." In 2022, Fraser told GQ that if he receives a nomination by the HFPA for his latest film The Whale, he "will not participate" because of the "history" he has with the organization.

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